Sukharam Majhi: The Champion with Painful Secrets

Sukharam Majhi, one of the rising player of Indian Blind Cricket Team. Everybody heard about the recent World T20 Blind Cricket cup 2017 series. Where India won the final match. And became the Champion. Sukharam is one of them. Here we are discussing about his painful secrets which was we never knew before.

Sukharam belongs to Koraput, state of Odisha. He is B3 level player in Koraput. He is an all-rounder in his team. He also played well in worldT20 2017 series. In this series he made 2 half centuries. He is very happy to won the world cup title. But behind this he has some very painful secrets.

Sukharam came from very poor background family. Behind the success many painful incident occurred in his life. But he played every match with lovely smile.

He lives with his mother (Pratima) and aunt. His mother also blind and aunt are mentally disabled. His mother also takes care of his aunt. The main things are theirs source of income. You can’t imagine that amount. Only 600 rupees. Yes friend. Only 600 rupees. Can you believe that? 300 rupees for his mother’s monthly allowance and 300 rupees his allowance. They are struggling their life.

From his school career, Sukharam played cricket and also continue in college life. He doesn’t able to come daily for his practices. Because of money problem. He doesn’t have enough money for bus charge. Many difficulties arrive but he doesn’t fail. He just works hard and focused to his aim.  And the result is that he won the world blind T20 cup.

After winning cup, he again went his village and again in same situation. What can I do? What to do? What will be my source of genuine income? Every single thought around his mind. But he doesn’t want to leave cricket. Very critical situation already creates in his family. He just wants to stop it. But how is this possible?
Govt. of India should notice it. And please kindly help for him. He is excellent and future of India. We all should help for his family.

So that was the journey of a champion. God bless him and his family.

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