Facebook user beware from this message

You all saw the post on Facebook, where you saw a sick baby pictures, and the photo above is written “please share this and comment below “Amen”. You saw the comment box is already full of “Amen". Many times they are written like that, “it’s a sick child welfare organization and please type “Amen”. At the end of the prayer, the prayer of a supportive word "Amen". 

If you use Facebook, then you will definitely show these types of messages in your facebook timelines. But some IT company sites are researched and discovered a shocking news. They are discovered that “these types of messages may harm for your FB site and steal your all personal information.

Even with the help of advanced technology, they can hack up your email account, or take money from your account with online banking.Online Threats are several websites. “Pictures of sick children”, these post are commonly used by hackers which situated in behind the illusion. Whenever you post a comment in this comment box "Amen", they have a special technology by which they got your residence address, date of birth, workplace and many more. 

They stole personal information, including e-mail. Email is mainly stolen by them. Because it is a very necessary things over internet. They are commit a crime or fraud case by help of your personal details. However, it is true that the sick child with pictures got like or comment behalf the claim which is shown in Facebook post. Because most facebook users don’t know about the truth and give their likes and comments. 

They are also share these types of post regularly in different groups or pages. That types of messages always used emotional catching word. “1 like and 1 comment are same as $1” this types of word they used to get more and more likes and comments. 

Often stolen from another website photos made these posts become more easier. The baby's picture is being made through the post, his or her families, who are making their post. As a result, like in exchange for a sick child's family will receive $1 for the treatment of that child. Rather like or comment on your return, the group posted provider opens the way to make money. And you became their target easily.

These types of messages creates emotionally attach with us. But what is behind that, we don’t know. 


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